Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil: Activate Guardian Artifact

Call of Duty Black Op 4 – Ancient Evil Zombie – Find and activate the Guardian Artifact

In order to access all areas on the ” Ancient Evil ” zombie map, you must first find and activate the sentinel artifact (Sentinel Artifact). In this guide we want to explain how this works.

Here are all 10 trophies and achievements for the Ancient Evil map

Find and activate Guardian Artifact

Right at the starting point, you can open the door to the temple terrace from your left , which costs you 500 shocks. Keep left and open the next door for 750 shocks, this will take you to the Upper Road area . Run up the path and go right through the building, then you will come to the amphitheater. There you will see statues and the guardian artifact.

Now interact with the artifact. The doors are locked and you must resist some zombies before the Guardian Artifact unlocks and gives you access to all areas.

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