Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Ancient Evil Zombies reveals trophies

Coming soon with ” Ancient Evil ” appears another zombie episode in Black Ops 4 . The new zombie card is part of the second DLC extension.

The brand new card contains 10 trophies (9 bronzes and 1 silver). This list is identical to the number and rarity of the trophies of the last two zombies DLC.

Kill with miracle weapons, challenges, and more!

Below you will find the latest Black Ops 4 trophies , the complete overview of all (so far 83) trophies can be found right here .

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Zombies Trophies

  • Greek Tragedy
    Finish in ‘Ancient Evil’, which has begun
  • Faithful Follow
    the first 20 rounds of Ancient Evil without leaving the interior of Apollon Temple
  • A worthy tribute In the
    ‘Ancient Evil’, re-fire the Eternal Flame completely until the 15th round
  • Move Mountains In
    Ancient Evil, steal 8 zombies with a charged attack from Gaia’s hand
  • No Obolus In
    Ancient Evil, drag 15 zombies into the Underworld with Charon’s charged attack
  • Too close to the Sun
    Light up 20 Zombies in ‘Ancient Evil’ with a cannulated attack from Hemera’s hand
  • A Powerful Wind
    Launch 20 Zombies in ‘Ancient Evil’ with a cannulated attack from the hand of Ouranos
  • Like an Eagle In
    ‘Ancient Evil’, free the eagles without changing their weapons
  • Attack is the best defense In
    Ancient Evil, do a counter ice only with the will of Apollo
  • Four Ancient Gods
    Complete all of the ancient gods trials in ‘Ancient Evil’

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